10 Interesting Facts about Archery

10 Interesting Facts about Archery


So you followed Team USA at the London Olympic games? Or maybe you think Katniss Everdeen is cool? Either way, there’s no doubt about it, Archery is fun and exciting! And for a lot of reasons too; not only is there plenty of evidence of the health benefits of archery as a sport, but it’s also fun for people of all ages. However, despite being one of the oldest game in the world, there are a lot of interesting facts that archery fans don’t know. Here are ten interesting facts about archery that you probably never knew; hope you enjoy.

  1. Did you know that archery is considered a national sport in the Kingdom of Bhutan? In fact, nearly every village in this kingdom has its archery range! However, Bhutan is a Buddhist country, so archery is only enjoyed for play and not competition.


  1. When archery first became an Olympic sport in the 1900 games, live pigeons were then used as targets (gasp). However, since archery didn’t have international rules, it was later discontinued in 1924 and reintroduced in the early 70’s.


  1. Although the design of recurve bows might seem chic and hi-tech, their design concept dates back to 3,500 years ago. Clearly, archery has been around for a long time, so much so that history records 2340BC as the first time the Babylonians used arrows and bows.


  1. Ever wondered who trained Katniss Everdeen for the Hunger Games Films? Well, it none other than Khatuna Lorig, the 5-time Olympic archery champion. However, Katniss isn’t the only Hollywood star adept at archery; Geena Davis (Oscar-winning actress most popular for starring in Thelma and Louise) is also known for her impressive skills.


  1. If you fancy yourself an archer, you can also introduce yourself as toxophilite; this is a combination of two Greek words that lover of the bow.


  1. When it comes to archery brawn doesn’t win over practice and determination; this levels out the playing field between men and women making archery one of the coolest sports for women.


  1. Unlike some sports that only take place during winter or summer, this game can be enjoyed throughout the year. As a matter of fact, archery’s National Events and World Cup can be followed around the globe all year round, from Utah to Paris.


  1. The hand with which archers shoot depends on their dominant eye; this means that a left-handed person may shoot with their right hand and vice versa.


  1. There are rumors that King James II banned golf in Scotland because men were wasting too much time playing golf instead of training on their archery skills; this was back 1475.


  1. Matt Stutzman, aka the inspirational archer, is the U.S Paralympian archer who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest shot at 210 meters. He was born without hands and uses his feet to hold and aim his bow. Don’t believe me? Check him out for yourself.



If this doesn’t get you cheering, I don’t know what will. Clearly archery is a sport for everybody, whether disabled or able-bodied, fit or confined to a wheelchair; the uniqueness of this game allows people from all walks of life to enjoy and experience the elegant art of archery.

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