Hunting with and Arrow

Hunting has been an integral part of human existence for eons and nothing is more primal than using a good old bow and arrow to claim your game.  I’ve been an advocate in the bow and arrow industry for years.  What you can hunt and gather with a bow today is quite a bit different than what the original hunters could get.

Today’s long range bows allow hunters and marksmen to target game from many yards away.  Some sharp shooters have even bagged game as far away as 200 yards.  This is a skill that isn’t obtained.  hunting with a bow and arrow offers a much greater challenge than when hunting with a rifle.

I see nothing wrong with hunting with a gun or long range rifle.  Hunting is healthy for the heard and great for human usage.  If you’re going to hunt you should make sure you use as much of the animal as possible.  Meaning you should use the fur for blankets, rugs or other artistic measure.

The meat can be prepared in a such a way that it’s more like an exotic delicacy rather than some road kill cafe caviar.

But I find it hard to see the “sport” in hunting with a rifle.  I mean, it’s nature verses machine.  No real sport in that.  Does it take some skill?  Sure it does but am I as impressed by a buck that was killed with a shotgun as I am the buck that was bagged with a bow and arrow.  Certainly NOT!

Hunting with a bow and arrow takes a whole lot more skill.  From stalking the current movement patterns of the game to blocking ones scent and disguising themselves from being sniffed out by the game, a bow and arrow requires you to be closer to whatever it is that you’re hunting.  Therefore, that adds a bigger element of sport in my eyes.

Plugging a big game animal with a kill shot is quite a bit more difficult with a bow than it is with a shotgun.  Shotguns spread and give you a general area you must hit in order to get the kill.  An arrow must be very precise and accurate in order to take the game down.

In addition, with a bow you’re probably going to have to track the stricken animal for a greater period of time.  This will require a keen sniffing down and an even more keen sense of direction and tracking skills.

Again, I’m not against hunting with a shotgun or even some powerful long range rifle.  Keeping the hearts thinned down to healthy levels only makes the species more likely to survive and healthier as a whole.  I’m not against hunting with a gun in any way shape or form.  I just find it hard to classify that as a true sport.

Hunting with a bow and arrow will always be superior in my eyes and i will always perceive it as the true sport hunting technique.  Only bare handing a big game seems more legitimate and sport worthy than a bow and arrow.



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