Archery – The Right State of Mind

Archery is a sport unlike any other found out there.  It’s even quite different from other sports that peopler mostly associate it with.  normally speaking, archery is often compared to other sports such as shooting or target practice.

The other sports that people associate archery with normally include the use of a handgun, a shotgun, or other long range rifle.  But archery is much different than the other aforementioned mentioned sports.  Sure these other sports require lots of skill and marksmanship, but archery requires much more concentration than any marksmanship sport used with a gun.

Hey shotgun can be pointed in the general direction of the target and the bBs will spread and give you a greater range of target hitting.  That’s how people are able to shoot ducks and geese and other sporting birds out of the sky with a shotgun.  If they were shooting with a single bullet it would require the utmost precision and accuracy.  A hand gun requires similar concentration as a bow and arrow does.

In order to be good with a bow and arrow it requires many skills compiled all in one.  For starters, you must be very very in tune with your own body, Heartbeat, and breathing. In order for an arrow to hit the Target, one must focus solely on the task at hand. When you were focusing on a target your breathing can cause your aim to meander up or down. This is why it’s so important to be in touch with your breathing technique.


Master marksman know exactly how to time the release of their arrow with the pattern of their breathing. This technique isn’t something that happens overnight. Practicing and controlling your breathing while focusing on your target is is essential for good marksmanship and accuracy.

The beating of your heart can also affect the final result of your precision and accuracy. When you get nervous, for instance when a big game animal is in front of you, your heartbeat rate can change or increase rapidly.  This is why it’s so important to be dialed in to your own body’s breathing pattern and heart rate.


Of course the further away from your target that you are, the bigger the discrepancy will be in every slight little quirke in your technique.  If you are off by 1 cm at post, and your target is 100 yards away you’re going to be farther off then if your target was only 50 yards away. In fact, you’re going to be twice as far away from the target than you would have been at 50 yards from the target.


In future posts we will talk about ways to control your breathing and other techniques for timing your release in between heartbeats. Check back for posts and updates coming your direction.





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