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Organizing Archery Events

Just like any job, organizing an event for archery is about as tedious as one can imagine.  From finding the proper venue to spreading the word, you truly must have a love and admiration for the sport to put yourself in this type of situation.  My work schedule owning and maintaining a roofing company keeps me pretty busy, especially through the spring and summer months when jobs are coming in left and right.  I have to make sure that i take on all the work that i possibly can during the good months of weather and extended daylight in order to ensure that my family and i survive the downtrodden months of winter.

Get it while the getting is good has always been my motto so organizing an archery event really takes it toll on me.  Fortunately, I’ve had great help from friends and colleagues from within the sport who have stepped in to take on certain roles that i cannot fulfill on my own.

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10 Interesting Facts about Archery

10 Interesting Facts about Archery


So you followed Team USA at the London Olympic games? Or maybe you think Katniss Everdeen is cool? Either way, there’s no doubt about it, Archery is fun and exciting! And for a lot of reasons too; not only is there plenty of evidence of the health benefits of archery as a sport, but it’s also fun for people of all ages. However, despite being one of the oldest game in the world, there are a lot of interesting facts that archery fans don’t know. Here are ten interesting facts about archery that you probably never knew; hope you enjoy.

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Archery as a Sport

Archery is a certified sport that could be explored and those who are wondering how to get started in archery need to understand the basic steps on how to begin.

In order to learn this sport, there is a need to understand the beginner’s tips, archery is about focus and being able to shoot the bow correctly no matter what place you are in.  The goal of the sport is to effectively shoot a target using bow and arrows, and this could be done in a number of ways. Archery is fun, engaging and highly addictive, plus archers look really cool. This sport provides a great upper body workout, it also encourages a person to walk back and forth to the target while pulling the arrows thus giving the player a bit of cardio workout.

What are the types of archery?

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Choosing the Right Kind of Archery Equipment

If you are heading out to the local sports store or merely browsing over the Internet to buy your very first set of archery equipment, do not be surprised to find some different kinds to choose from. There are hundreds of different kinds of archery equipment to select from, depending on the kind of archery you are looking to get into and your caliber. As such, it pays to get a few pointers to make sure that you get the set of archery equipment that will suit your needs. Here are some things to take into consideration when scouting for your very own archery equipment.

Kind of Archery you are Interested

As mentioned, there are some different kinds of archery sports, each having its set of specially-designed archery equipment for it. Some of these kinds include field archery, hunting archery and even archery fishing. The differences of these kinds of archery equipment lie on how stable you would need to be. Target archery equipment is mainly designed for archers who would be staying stationary and would not be moving as they shoot their target. On the other hand, field archery equipment such as those that are being used for fishing and hunting should allow you to follow the moving target without compromising your accuracy. If you are not yet sure as to what particular type of archery sport you would like to concentrate in, it is best to invest in field archery equipment. These sets would offer you the versatility to try out each kind of archery sport for you to choose which one you would like to concentrate in.
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Archery Then and Now – Tale of the Enigmatic Sport

Archery has existed since the beginning of the time. If you have a fondness for history, you will see that unlike any other aspect of human life, the existence of bow and arrow has been documented in the cave drawings. The ancient human beings have used this sport for the purpose of hunting. This has been a common sport used in the ancient time. Yet, people are still attracted to the sport. Archery isn’t a easy sport, at the beginning you can learn from the first few lessons what you will need to commit from yourself to decide whether you want to continue mastering the sport.

Archery comes in various types and styles. When you intend to attend an archery event, you need to be equipped with the right and high quality type of archery supplies for your protection. Moreover, if you already have the best archery set to use for the shooting type that you will try, then it won’t be difficult for you to choose the best accessories related to your product.

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Things to Know Before You Buy an Archery Sight

Almost all of the archery shooters have the idea that a good archery sights can differentiate between a good shot and an unpredictable results. The real challenge is to find the right selection of an archery sight. There are some hints given to help in saving your time for this research.

All the amateurs should start with a simpler archery sight, which will allow you to learn the hidden value of archery sights. This is very essential as it helps you decide what you are really looking forward to have from your archery sight and thus save your money on spending your hard earned money, unnecessary. Moreover this will broom your proficiency in as an archer. There will be the right time to switch to the higher level as you increase your performance and maintain uniformity in it.

There is an old saying, which implies here. You get what you pay for. Cheaper the price of the archery sight, limited is the sight. In fact this is good for amateurs as it gives them enough chance to learn all the ABC of archery skills. Professional archers wanting to spend some more extra bucks will have to search for the features they would require and than buy archery sights in accordance to the requirement. Thus price goes high along with features of archery sights.

Many people weaver in changing their manufacturers. We advise not to do so, just stick to a standard one. Our research depicts that one should go for an established brands. Go through the reviews of their products and check for consistency as well as their history in terms of making quality products. Thus going for established brands will give you quality product. Than onwards you can opt for the higher products as and when required.

Buy archery sight in accordance to your proficiency in archery. Different sights are designed and manufactured for different purpose of archery shooting. So get the right sight for making your shooting game more consistent.

Many target archers are also hunters. They choose fancy archery sight, which can be used for both purposes. They also have started with less featured archery sights thus reaching to the higher ones. They go for 2nd and 3rd level axis adjustments, bubble levels, fiber optics and individually adjustable and/or gang adjustable pins or rather you may find some also going for addition of Magnifying lenses.

Will you be surprised if an expert says that archery actually does not require an archery sight (did Robin Hood use one)? We find many archers who naturally do the shooting or hunting without using archery sight (as easy as throwing a baseball). They in fact throw the arrow and not aim it. This actually requires a lot of practice and a cool head. After a series of hard practice you get an instinct of shooting perfectly. It just gets fitted or rather programmed in their mind. But it really takes a lot of hard and smart work for that. Let me say. Rome was not built in a day.

The Best Way to Choose Archery Sights

It makes no difference whether you are looking to be a target archer or use it for hunting; the only way to get the best shot is to install archery sights on your bow. You should learn to shoot without one at first to get the feel of the bow but when you have, the archery sights will add twenty percent accuracy to what you can do without it.

The First Step

Decide on what special features the archery sights need to contain for you to purchase them. Some models are made from small plastic disks that you will mount on the bowstring itself. Others are more advanced and can come with a light for hunting at night. The features you desire will depend on what you intend to use the archery for. Once you have determined what you want in the sight, you need to decide on the budget you have to spend. Some of the better equipped models cost a considerable amount more than others do. Some economical models can provide you the same features for less money if you know where to look for those archery sights.

Weight And Design

The weight of the archery sights need to be a comfortable fit for you personally. The sights will cause the bow to be thrown off balance depending on where they are mounted. You will need to adjust how you aim and shoot after mounting one. A lightweight sight will only need a slight adjustment from you while a heavier one will take more. The archery sights need to be a good fit for the design and color of the bow. If your bow is camouflaged, the sight needs to be also. You do have the option to choose many colors but it might not be a good idea if you plan on hunting game. A bright color may stand out against the camouflage and give you away.

Materials Of The Maker

Take a careful look at what the archery sights are made from. If you plan on being out in the weather or using your bow on a regular basis, you need a sturdy sight. If you plan on archery for a hobby, a plastic model will work fine. Examine the uses of the bow and then decide on what works best. Make sure the model you choose is priced reasonably for what it is made of. Those starting out in archery will want to find something basic and light to begin with. Once they get better, the sight can be upgraded to keep up with their skill level.

Make The Upgrade

As your archery skills get better so should the type of archery sight you choose. Be cautious of starting out with the best and most expensive archery sights on the market. Start with a simple model and work your way up. The beginner phase of archery might seem more difficult with an advanced sight and cause the individual to get discouraged and give up because it seems too difficult. You can find some great archery sight models at Eagle Archery.

The Best Way to Choose Archery Sights

It makes no difference whether you are looking to be a target archer or use it for hunting; the only way to get the best shot is to install archery sights on your bow. You should learn to shoot without one at first to get the feel of the bow but when you have, the archery sights will add twenty percent accuracy to what you can do without it.

The First Step

Decide on what special features the archery sights need to contain for you to purchase them. Some models are made from small plastic disks that you will mount on the bowstring itself. Others are more advanced and can come with a light for hunting at night. The features you desire will depend on what you intend to use the archery for. Once you have determined what you want in the sight, you need to decide on the budget you have to spend. Some of the better equipped models cost a considerable amount more than others do. Some economical models can provide you the same features for less money if you know where to look for those archery sights.
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Where to Get the Best Archery Site

An archery club can make the life of a die hard archer easier than they ever imagined. When joining a club a person can learn new techniques for bow hunting and target archery, which is an art all within itself. However, if a person is not sure how to locate their local club that is devoted to this activity they may need to resort to the internet which has an unlimited amount of information at one’s fingertips in regards to finding the right club to join. one of this clubs where you can get the best of archery is

Find the the best archery sights
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Breathing Techniques to Improve your Archery Skills

Relaxation and concentration are very crucial factors in archery as they can assist you to shoot more accurately. The tension that comes upon you just before taking a shot may make you to lose concentration. Learning various breathing techniques can help you to relax and be able to focus on the target. Additionally, proper breathing carries more energy to the muscles. It enhances performance through increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood stream that in turn reduces blood pressure and eventually leads to a drop of anxiety. Below are a few methods that you can try to control your breathing.

Zen Breathing (deep diaphragmatic)
Normally, when calm we breathe 12-15 times per minute but when anxious this rate can double. While we mostly breathe rapidly, only using the top part of our lungs or one sixth of the lung capacity. Zen breathing helps one to breathe more deeply and slowly that is about 5-6 deep calm breathes per minute. It can help improve your archery skills to great levels by two major methods. First, you can take a deep diaphragmatic settling breathe prior to raising the bow. This has a settling effect and also lowers your center of gravity. It also creates a sensation of gaining more strength. Secondly, you can take a deep diaphragmatic breathe and exhale prior to raising the bow. These two methods sets you out on a rhythm and increase your focus. Many professional archers prefer the first option to the second. However, you can try either of them to realize which works best for you.

This is the most common breathing technique where you take in a deep breath, exhale completely and then take a half of a breath then take it out slowly and naturally while aiming and shooting. This however, tends to give a rushed execution of the shot and may cause the arrow on a downward trajectory. This is so because you tend to be trying to beat the countdown as air slowly escapes your lungs.

Super Saturate
As advised by professional archer, Randy Ulmer, you can “super-saturate” your body with three deep breaths. One taken just before you draw and the second while you draw. The third as you settle your pins while exhaling a quarter of your air. This not only keeps your chest expanded but also supplies your muscles with a lot of oxygen. It also helps to maintain a steady poise as you take your shot.
Practice on these breathing techniques on a daily routine so as to evaluate the best one for you. Notably, yoga has been identified to greatly aid in breath controls which are essential in archery. Some of the yoga routines stress your breathing while still allowing deep and consistent breaths. Therefore, you can learn even more breathing techniques in your yoga classes.
While at it, another way to help your mind to remain focused is through self- hypnosis and/or meditation sessions. While it may be a long shot, used together with the aforementioned breathing techniques you can elevate your archery skills to new heights.

Hunting with and Arrow

Hunting has been an integral part of human existence for eons and nothing is more primal than using a good old bow and arrow to claim your game.  I’ve been an advocate in the bow and arrow industry for years.  What you can hunt and gather with a bow today is quite a bit different than what the original hunters could get.

Today’s long range bows allow hunters and marksmen to target game from many yards away.  Some sharp shooters have even bagged game as far away as 200 yards.  This is a skill that isn’t obtained.  hunting with a bow and arrow offers a much greater challenge than when hunting with a rifle.

I see nothing wrong with hunting with a gun or long range rifle.  Hunting is healthy for the heard and great for human usage.  If you’re going to hunt you should make sure you use as much of the animal as possible.  Meaning you should use the fur for blankets, rugs or other artistic measure.

The meat can be prepared in a such a way that it’s more like an exotic delicacy rather than some road kill cafe caviar.

But I find it hard to see the “sport” in hunting with a rifle.  I mean, it’s nature verses machine.  No real sport in that.  Does it take some skill?  Sure it does but am I as impressed by a buck that was killed with a shotgun as I am the buck that was bagged with a bow and arrow.  Certainly NOT!

Hunting with a bow and arrow takes a whole lot more skill.  From stalking the current movement patterns of the game to blocking ones scent and disguising themselves from being sniffed out by the game, a bow and arrow requires you to be closer to whatever it is that you’re hunting.  Therefore, that adds a bigger element of sport in my eyes.

Plugging a big game animal with a kill shot is quite a bit more difficult with a bow than it is with a shotgun.  Shotguns spread and give you a general area you must hit in order to get the kill.  An arrow must be very precise and accurate in order to take the game down.

In addition, with a bow you’re probably going to have to track the stricken animal for a greater period of time.  This will require a keen sniffing down and an even more keen sense of direction and tracking skills.

Again, I’m not against hunting with a shotgun or even some powerful long range rifle.  Keeping the hearts thinned down to healthy levels only makes the species more likely to survive and healthier as a whole.  I’m not against hunting with a gun in any way shape or form.  I just find it hard to classify that as a true sport.

Hunting with a bow and arrow will always be superior in my eyes and i will always perceive it as the true sport hunting technique.  Only bare handing a big game seems more legitimate and sport worthy than a bow and arrow.



Declining Arrow?

Archery events across the country are diminishing at an alarming rate.  The reasons for this drastic drop in participants cannot be easily explained.  We will try and explore some of the trends happening across the United States that may help us to grow the sport in the coming years.


Most kids just aren’t exposed to archery for a number of reasons.  As more and more families move back to the cities and migrate away from the countryside, children have fewer opportunities for exploring the alluring sport of archery.

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Archery – The Right State of Mind

Archery is a sport unlike any other found out there.  It’s even quite different from other sports that peopler mostly associate it with.  normally speaking, archery is often compared to other sports such as shooting or target practice.

The other sports that people associate archery with normally include the use of a handgun, a shotgun, or other long range rifle.  But archery is much different than the other aforementioned mentioned sports.  Sure these other sports require lots of skill and marksmanship, but archery requires much more concentration than any marksmanship sport used with a gun.

Hey shotgun can be pointed in the general direction of the target and the bBs will spread and give you a greater range of target hitting.  That’s how people are able to shoot ducks and geese and other sporting birds out of the sky with a shotgun.  If they were shooting with a single bullet it would require the utmost precision and accuracy.  A hand gun requires similar concentration as a bow and arrow does.

In order to be good with a bow and arrow it requires many skills compiled all in one.  For starters, you must be very very in tune with your own body, Heartbeat, and breathing. In order for an arrow to hit the Target, one must focus solely on the task at hand. When you were focusing on a target your breathing can cause your aim to meander up or down. This is why it’s so important to be in touch with your breathing technique.


Master marksman know exactly how to time the release of their arrow with the pattern of their breathing. This technique isn’t something that happens overnight. Practicing and controlling your breathing while focusing on your target is is essential for good marksmanship and accuracy.

The beating of your heart can also affect the final result of your precision and accuracy. When you get nervous, for instance when a big game animal is in front of you, your heartbeat rate can change or increase rapidly.  This is why it’s so important to be dialed in to your own body’s breathing pattern and heart rate.


Of course the further away from your target that you are, the bigger the discrepancy will be in every slight little quirke in your technique.  If you are off by 1 cm at post, and your target is 100 yards away you’re going to be farther off then if your target was only 50 yards away. In fact, you’re going to be twice as far away from the target than you would have been at 50 yards from the target.


In future posts we will talk about ways to control your breathing and other techniques for timing your release in between heartbeats. Check back for posts and updates coming your direction.





Find Your Bullseye

Archery is a sport that’s can be fun for the entire family.  Kids usually take interest at a very young age and can be taught all of the safety requirements by a properly trained adult.

Archery can teach kids a few things that they may not actually learn in another sport.  Team sports like basketball, baseball and football are great for kids but they are limited in what they learn.  A good archer must be precise.  They must concentrate and they must focus on the target and block out all other external distractions.

It’s a New Year, No Fear

Hey it’s a new year here in the real world and here we are going to begin our new journey into covering the world of archery and ammo.  That’s right we’re going to help prepare you to become a better marksman or woman.  Honing in on the hunt is our goal.  Showing you the best tools of the trade to get you the biggest trophy bucks on earth.  bar none.

So check here for frequent updates on new product launches and popular news and upcoming events in the field of archery and ammo.